Tiny Thorin(kili fili) 4

I think I made a story?

1.Once upon a time there were three tiny little dwarves.They were very happy.

2.One day,the oldest dwarf could not find his nephews.He searched every where.But still cloud not find them.

3.He waited and waited.And the rain would come soon.

4.He was very upset.The nephews never come back.

If you saw them please tell this poor thing.

It’s so cute! now we just need it to be found by his nephews. <3

Congratulations, is very beautiful!

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Safe & Sound (My Stucky Friendship AU One-Shot Fanfiction Story)


This is for an art trade with shan101pi. shan101pi, read and reblog it, please. ^^

By the way, the following fanfic contains Steve’s point-of-view, AU, blood, mentioned torture and severe beating, severe injuries including bruises, grazes and scrapes and Stucky friendship.

In this story, Steve…

oh just to be sure, this is Steve before the super serum right?(he’s 17) :D